Stoving cum Air Drying Coatings

AMCO SCAD finishes offer you the dual advantage of stoving as well as air drying curing schedules. Industries requiring shorter finishing periods and curing time find these finishes beneficial owing to following benefits :

  • Fast drying 
  • Colour retention for durable articles
  • Cost saving owing to shorter baking schedules
  • Useful for large items that cannot be stoved completely
  • Useful for wooden articles that cannot be subjected to long baking schedules

These finishes cure at 50-60 degrees Celsius within 5-10 minutes and are package able after 24-36 hours. Both SOLID & METALLIC shades are available.    


  • Helmets
  • Small decorative articles
  • Car & Scooter accessories
  • Toys
  • Industries manufacturing heavy machinery

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