Amul Paints India strives to make all efforts to make sure our customers enjoy their dealing with us. We provide the following services for users of our coatings.


Order Your Shade

In case their is a specific shade you are looking for you may send your shade on a piece of paper and we offer to produce a matching shade for you. Our comprehensive shade matching techniques and ability to provide consistency of shade from batch to batch distinguishes us from other coating manufacturers.

We promise that if you have a shade for us to match, we can deliver the closest possible match if not the exact one at most economical costs


Shades On Demand

WAPI offers over a hundred shades, both metallic as well as non-metallic for use by its industrial, decorative as well as automotive clients. Our customers also have the advantage of having a preview of the shades available. You may let us know of your favourite shades and we shall send you a mini shade card for your favourite colours